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Ear Health Check

Receive a thorough ear health check of your ears with safe ear wax removal by a fully insured and certified ear health specialist in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for those with mobility impairment, living with disabilities or recommended by the G.P. Have this swift check conducted in your comfort at your home or in our central London clinic in under 60 minutes.

To ensure the highest quality of hearing, our comprehensive ear health check has these essential steps.


Ear assessment

Undergo a video otoscopic examination of your ear canal and tympanic membrane (ear drum) in your own home. Here, a certified ear health practitioner will steadily observe for signs of blockage, ear wax, indicators of infection, lumps or foreign objects. Videos and pictures will be taken and stored in your patient file with us.

Safe Ear wax removal

Have wax safely removed from your ears using the gold standard micro-suction technique. This technique, conducted under direct visualisation, has a 91% clearance rate and provides long-lasting results compared to conventional methods like ear syringing. After the procedure, your ear health check practitioner will show you the pictures taken of your ear canals before and after so you can see and feel the difference.


Hearing screen

Identify hearing issues and deficits with our hearing screen check. A screening is performed at four frequencies using headphones and touch device in under 5 minutes. Results are recorded, and if further intervention is required, we’ll immediately suggest a further hearing assessment to be conducted by an audiologist.


Consultation report

You’ll receive a comprehensive consultation report within 3 days of your consultation with us. In this report, we’ll provide a summary of the consultation with the clinical notes from your practitioner and any recommendations, pictures of your ear canals before and after the treatment, and the results of the hearing screen on a graph.

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Safe Ear Wax Removal at Home

Book a home visit for yourself, your parents or your care and nursing home residents. Our dedicated home-visit services saves you the headache of organising patient transport, waiting for lengthy NHS appointments and difficulty navigating clinics. Our fully insured ear wax removal specialists are accredited by the BSA and BHSAA and cater their services around the needs of our patients. With extensive experience of providing care to patients with mobility issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s, hearing impairments, and more, we guarantee you a safe and compassionate checkup from home.

Comprehensive, CRB checked and cost-effective, it’s £95 for the same results and service achieved within our London clinic.

Why Choose Ear Health Check?


Convenience & Comfort

Ear Healthcare That Comes to You

Accredited & Certified Professionals

Your Ear Health is in Good Hands

Advanced Technology

High-Definition Otoscaopy and Micro-suction

Comprehensive Care

From Consultation to Prescription

Ear Wax Removal Safety

Fast and Gentle Wax Removal

Hearing Assessment Included

Part of the Comprehensive Care